Dr. Yoak is involved on an ongoing basis with faculty and staff in the schools she supports, both in person and online. Based on her experience in Stow-Munroe Falls and other districts, she is well prepared to provide any of the services listed below during onsite days.  To this end, she prefers to contract for a minimum of 5 days of onsite work in each district or school with which she works.

Professional and educational experiences should be designed and facilitated specifically to meet the needs of teachers, students, and leaders in any given school setting.  The professional support that Kim provides is carefully targeted and aligns strongly with the Ohio Standards for Professional Development.  A specific work plan will be established with each district or school.  

Services that Dr. Yoak can provide for your school or district include:de:

Visitations in K-12 classrooms to co-teach and offer support, based on the OTES performance rubric, the Ohio Learning Standards for Mathematics, including the Standards for Mathematical Practice, and recommendations from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and research literature (teachers should plan to be active during these lessons)

Professional workshops on particular topics related to the Ohio Learning Standards in Mathematics (by grade or grade band)

Facilitation for the design of curriculum maps and/or common assessments

Training in interpreting state test data

Training in Cognition Based Assessment (developed by Dr. Michael Battista, professor at The Ohio State University)

Assessment of individual students to provide recommendations for intervention/enrichment

Participation in planning meetings/discussions related to mathematics curriculum/instruction/ assessment

General evaluation/audit of school mathematics programs to identify strengths/needs

Dr. Yoak is also particularly interested in working on “special projects” that might be pilot projects or other unique opportunities for teachers and/or students.  Her interests include:

Helping teachers to engage students more effectively in mathematics class

Developing strategies for using assessment data effectively to guide instruction

Developing strategies to allow students to learn independently while still participating in whole-class lessons and activities

Creating early intervention programs for struggling learners in K-2

Creating programs/experiences within middle and high schools for students who are failing because they have chosen to disengage

Bringing teachers from different schools/districts together to work and learn together

Providing teachers with more opportunities to see each other teach and to co-teach (in person, on video, or via Skype)

Creating opportunities for teachers, students, and parents to have fun with mathematics

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